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Район упразднён или название в базе не соответствует точному административному названию
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# Settlement names
1 Маленкова колхоз ( Bore-holes: 2)
2 Миндрешты ( Bore-holes: 2)
3 Путь к коммунизму колхоз ( Bore-holes: 1)
4 Сгардешты ( Bore-holes: 1)
5 Ст.Николаевка ( Bore-holes: 1)
6 Чулканы ( Bore-holes: 1)
7 Чуркины ( Bore-holes: 1)
Why do caves appear?


In the areas of tectonic violations and at the surfaces of stratification, where limestones dissolve most easy, almost all breed darts out and there is only a bit sand and clay. As a result of it in hard breeds narrow and wide tunnels and hollow chambers are formed in time.

Borehole archive

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